The truth has nothing to fear from the light. It is my sincere desire to write the truth in love, (Eph. 4:15), but sometimes the truth hurts, even when it is spoken in love. Though the Church of Christ people are strongly convinced that what they believe is based on the Bible, it is my strong conviction that many of these good people hold doctrines that are contrary to the teaching of the Word of God.

A leading Church of Christ writer has written to me, "I think you will rarely score a point with any indoctrinated person in the Church of Christ. "

I think he is mistaken. The Church of Christ is in a state of flux. Unbelievable changes are taking place in many Churches of Christ. Many Church of Christ people are open to change.

At least three remarkable changes are taking place in progressive Churches of Christ.

The first and most basic change that has taken place is their changed view concerning the Holy Spirit. Twenty years ago they were debating whether or not there was such a thing as "the direct operation of the Holy Spirit." Now most Churches of Christ recognize the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Thirty or forty years ago almost all Church of Christ people believed that good works were essential to salvation. Now their leaders tell me that they believe in salvation by grace, and do not believe in salvation by works.

The whistle is being blown on the legalistic practices in the Churches of Christ, and some are breaking away from these legalistic tendencies. Since these changes are taking place, I am encouraged to believe that other changes are in the near and foreseeable future.

I remind you we are not playing games. We are dealing with eternal, life changing verities.

One day each of us will stand at the judgment bar of Almighty God to give an account for what we believe, and for what we have done.